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   Anwsered cannot open this item in outlook 2007 [14/09/16 04:42AM]   
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cannot open this item in outlook 2007

In my office environment we have common mail boxwhien try to search some mail it shows " cannot open this item" and when i receive some alerts mail from share point i got same error message :(

Solutions to the Problem cannot open this item in outlook 2007

Download SmartPCFixer to Fix It (Free)

How is the email account (POP3, IMAP, MAPI or Exchange) setup on Outlook?
For issues related to Outlook and SharePoint, you may also post your question in the following forum for better suggestion:

If you failed to fix it, another option is to call Microsoft and walk through the process with a technician. To do this, dial "1-800-936-5700". Explain the error that you received and the steps in the update process during which it was displayed. The technician will be able to walk through the steps from getting a new product key to finishing the installation.

Recommended Method to Fix the Problem: cannot open this item in outlook 2007:

How to Fix cannot open this item in outlook 2007 with SmartPCFixer?

1. You can Download SmartPCFixer here. Install it on your computer. When you open SmartPCFixer, it will perform a scan.

2. After the scan is done, you can see the errors and problems need to be repaired. Click Fix All.

3. When the Fixing part is finished, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been fixed

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